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The Chronic IIlness Coach

Motivational Speaker, Health Coach and Podcaster

The Chronic Illness Coach

Alex Morris, founder of The Chronic IIlness Coach

About the Chronic Illness Coach

As a motivational speaker and health coach, I work with businesses to engage, educate and empower their workforce to thrive in their mental, emotional, physical wellbeing.

I specialise in those living with chronic illnesses using a combination of Rapid Transformational Coaching and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching to look at health through a holistic lens.

I run dynamic workshops and inspirational talks, offer individual coaching and host The Chronic Illness Coach Podcast.


Find the package that's right for you, or book a free consultation to talk through in more detail...

Find the package that's right for you, or book a free consultation to talk through in more detail...





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Alex Morris Founder

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’m the founder of The Chronic Illness Coach. I run a health and wellness business which specialises in those living with chronic illnesses to enable them, regardless of their circumstance, to thrive in their health and their life.  

"My experience with Alex has been truly transformative. From the outset she demonstrated a remarkable ability to make insightful observations and proved to be an exceptional listener. Throughout our sessions, I was able to uncover and address the root cause of my self-doubt and procrastination, leading to significant personal growth.


I am deeply grateful for the impactful work and unwavering support provided by Alex. Her expertise and empathy have been instrumental in my journey towards personal and professional growth. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking transformative coaching that delves into both personal and health-related challenges."

"I was at a real crossroads in my life. Feeling overstretched between my career and family commitments, this sense of overwhelm was having a toll on my well being. I found that I was relying on unhealthy food options to get me through the day. My energy levels had plummeted and my mood was low. Alex really helped me get back on track. Guiding me in such a professional, empathic manner, I feel like I have carved out a fresh path for myself which feels so motivating and liberating. I am empowered to really take care of myself which feels amazing. Thank you Alex."

"Following my diagnosis of Endometriosis I was feeling so confused, angry and helpless. I didn't know where to go for help and support and then I came across the Chronic Illness Coach and she has changed my life! Working with Alex has helped me to understand and come to terms with my diagnosis and has given me the belief that my future really can be bright. Thank you Alex you are truly amazing!"

  • A chronic illness is a condition or disease that requires long term treatment and may be incurable.

  • Rapid Transformational Coaching focuses on the future and works with the conscious mind to move clients toward their goals by clearing the obstacles in their way.

  • Integrative Nutrition health coaching makes the connection between physical, mental and emotional wellness in relation to ourselves and the food we eat.

  • Through my 1:1 coaching, workshops and motivational speaking I work with individuals, businesses and organisations.

  • You can book a free consultation for 1:1 coaching here. To book a workshop please complete the contact form here. If you'd be interested in having The Chronic Illness Coach speak at your event please email 

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